Irish Coffee
Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee


Irish Coffee is probably not the first coffee with alcohol, but it is the most popular. With a combination of coffee, Irish whiskey, brown sugar and a little (or much) whipped cream, Irish Coffee is a hot, creamy classic.

The origins of Irish coffee date back to the 1940s. Where a boss named Joe Sheridan created the Irish Coffee. The story tells that because of a flight delay due to bad weather Sheridan chose to add whiskey to the coffee to heat, the stranded passengers. Legend has it that when he served it and was asked if it was Brazilian coffee, Sheridan replied that it was “Irish Coffee”.

You Need

How to make it

  • Add 1 – 2 teaspoons of Sugar
  • Now add 4 cl of Whiskey
  • Add 10 cl Coffee
  • Stir the glass until the sugar is dissolved.
  • Add 1 – 2 teaspoon whipped cream on top

Enjoy and Cheers!

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